The Orion Series Box Set

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The luxury cruise space ship ORION is off on her maiden voyages … but someone wants to destroy her. Can her intrepid crew commanders keep her safe in deep space amid pirates, asteroid belts and deadly attacks?

He’s an alpha Tyger, trapped on the spaceship Orion in mating shift—but he’s also the only man who can navigate through the deadly asteroid belts of his home planet. They’ll never make it to safety unless they bring him the one woman who ran from him. This time, she must stay—and blossom into the Tygress she’s meant to be.

HER COMMANDER, Orion Series #2
She can kill with her bare hands … but what will this lethal beauty do to his heart?

She’s a half-human, half-Serpentian warrior who’ll guard his ship with her life. He’s the tough, war-seasoned captain of the Orion. But in their battle of hearts, it’s winner take all.

PRINCE OF DRAGONS, Orion Series #3
This space cougar is on the prowl, with a handsome virgin in her sights.
A powerful Dragon shifter and a lethal beauty team up to protect the spaceship Orion…but find themselves locked in a battle of the sexes and a fight for their lives!

DEEP INDIGO, Orion Series #4
He’s famed for his icy control…until he meets the one woman who can shatter it.

When a talented young intuit interns with a space ship crew commander famed for his mental powers, neither are ready for what happens when they meld their minds…and their bodies.

Don’t miss the sexy, thrilling adventures of the Orion crew and passengers–you’ll never view deep space as cold again!

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The Orion Series, SF Romance, Box Set 4 books

The Orion Series

Tyger Tyger Burning Bryght by CJ Cade

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bryght

Her Commander by CJ Cade

Her Commander

Prince of Dragons by CJ Cade

Prince of Dragons

Deep Indigo by CJ Cade

Deep Indigo