Suspense / Thriller

Cover for book Sugar and Vice by Mellissa Yi. Hope's Seven deadly sis thriller 2: Gluttony. Depicts a person face down with a giant pink donut and sprinkles covering most of her body.

Sugar and Vice

Cover for Vanished in Vllata by Kimila Kay. Depicts a sailing ship on the sea.

Vanished in Vallarta

Cover for Repoe Man. by Pamela Cowan

Repoe Man

woman wearing a surgical mask and hair net. On the mask is written: Hell hath no fury like a surgeon scorned. Cover copy: Melissa Yi, Derringer Award finalist. The Shapes of Wrath, a Hope's Seven deadly Sins Thriller

The Shapes of Wrath

Cover for Malice in Mazatlan by Kimila Kay

Malice in Mazatlan

Cover for White Lightning by Melissa Yi

White Lightning

Cover for Scorpion Scheme, Hope Sze Medical Crime Novel by Mellisa Yi

Scorpion Scheme

Aventures of Isabella Mumphrey Boxset, Books 1-3 by Paty Jager

Adventures of Isabella Mumphrey Box Set

Cove for Secrets of a Hopi Blue Star by Paty Jager

Secrets of a Hopi Blue Star

Cover for Secrets of an Aztec Temple by Paty Jager

Secrets of an Aztec Temple

Cover for Secrets of a Mayan Moon by Paty Jager

Secrets of a Mayan Moon

Peril in Paradise cove by Kimila Kay shows windswept beach with palm trees

Peril in Paradise

Cover for Graveyard Shift by Melissa Yi

Graveyard Shift

Cover for Storm Retribution by Pamela Cowan

Storm Retribution

Death Flight cover by Melissa Yi

Death Flight

Dead Hunt by Linda Lovely

Dead Hunt

Dead Line by Linda Lovely

Dead Line

Cold Kill by Pamela Cowan

Cold Kill

Book Cover for Something in the Dark by Pamela Cowan

Something in the Dark

Cover for Storm Vengeance by Pamela Cowan

Storm Vengeance

Cover for Storm Justice by Pamela Cowan

Storm Justice

Human Remains by Melissa Yi

Human Remains

Stockholm Syndrome by Melissa Yi

Stockholm Syndrome

Terminally Ill by Melissa Yi

Terminally Ill

Notorious D.O.C. by Melissa Yi

Notorious D.O.C.

Code Blues by Melissa Yi

Code Blues

cover for Expendable by Maggie Lynch