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Cover for Malice in Mazatlan by Kimila Kay

Malice in Mazatlan

The Big & Easy coloring book o Monsters for kids age 1-4

The Big and Easy Coloring Book of Monsters

Cover for Crime Never Takes A Holiday, A mystery anthology, edited by Paty Jager

Crime Never Takes A Holiday

Book cover for Double Down by Paty Jager. Knife plunged into poker table with colored chips featured.

Double Down

Cover for Jingle all the Way to Snowside. The Murphy Clan, Vermont Christmas series

Jingle All The Way to Snowside

Covidology anthology front cover, features cloth masks pinned on a clothesline


Don’t Forget The Kids!!!

Check out these children’s books for summer reading fun.

COver for Dragon Gilby by Mary Vine, Illustrated by Kaylenne Dowling

Dragon Gilby

Cover for Biju Silver Lining, picture of a mouse looking at sunshine

Bijou Silver Lining

Cove Big Guy Upstairs, picture of a two story house

Big Guy Upstairs

A Fart in Time by Jamie Brazil

A Fart in Time

Max et son chapeau magique by Melissa Yuan

Max et son Chapeau Magique

Max's Magic Hat by Melissa Yuan

Max’s Magic Hat

Popcorn Girl in Like by Melissa Yuan

Popcorn Girl in Like

The Popcorn Prophecies by Melissa Yuan

The Popcorn Prophesies

Metro Duets by Susie Slanina

Metro Duets

Metro Goes Stargazing by Susie Slanina

Metro Goes Stargazing

Metro Goes to Hollywood by Susie Slanina

Metro Goes to Hollywood

Metro Comes Home by Susie Slanina

Metro Comes Home