Frontiera Series Book 1

He’s an ex-space pirate who’s changed his wicked ways … or has he?

On the wild planet of Frontiera, Rose Thorne is out to save her brother. But when she holds his disreputable boss at gunpoint, Stone Masterson shows her just how ruthless he can be … and how tender. With space pirates on the loose, is she safe in his arms, or is she just another pawn in his struggle to rule this new planet?

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Heart of Stone by C J Cade
No joke, I am ALL OVER the idea of more of these books. I like the world. I like the characters. I like Cathryn Cade's writing. I'm having WAY too much fun dipping my toes into the sexy and I want MOAR!
Kelli RubidouxAmazon Customer
This is a quick and engaging read, a standalone that opens the Frontiera series. It has good world building, storyline and character development for the length of the book and goes on my reread and recommend lists.
KarliAmazon Customer

The Frontiera Series

Heart of Steel by C J Cade

Heart of Steel