Women’s Fiction

Cover Undertones by Maggie Lynch


Cover Healing Notes by Maggie Lynch

Healing Notes

Cover Heart Strings by Maggie Lynch

Heart Strings

Cover Thanks for Love by Maggie Lynch

Thanks for Love

Cover for The Hogmanay Stranger by Maggie Lynch

The Hogmanay Stranger

Cover Two Voices by Maggie Lynch

Two Voices

Shifting Waters by Maggie Jaimeson

Shifting Waters

cover for Falling in Love Again by Kathy Coatney

Falling for You…Again

Dancing Through the Chaos by Melissa Yi

Dancing Through the Chaos

Stitches by Courtney Pierce


Brushes by Courtney Pierce


Riffs by Courtney Pierce


The Executrix by Courtney Pierce

The Executrix

Indigo Lake by Courtney Pierce

Indigo Lake

Even Nectar is Poison by Mercer Addison

Even Nectar is Poison

Five O'Clock Whistle by Mercer Addison

Five O’clock Whistle

A Deceitful Bait by Mercer Addison

Deceitful Bait

The Mayan Sisterhood by Jamie Brazil and Wahula Gonzo

The Mayan Sisterhood

cover for A Sweetwater Canyon Holiday Trio by Maggie Lynch. Includes Thanks for Love, The Hogmanay Stranger, and Christmas Courage

A Sweetwater Canyon Holiday Trio

Cover Christmas Courage: A Sweetwater Canyon Novelette by Maggie Lynch

Christmas Courage

Cover for Sweetwater Canyon Boxset books 1-3

A Sweetwater Canyon Boxset: Books 1-3

cover for Falling in Love for the First Time by Kathy Coatney

Falling in Love for the First Time

cover for Falling in Love with You by Kathy Coatney

Falling in Love with You

cover Indigo Legacy by Courtney Pierce

Indigo Legacy

3D Cover for Falling in Love Series Boxset, Books 1-3 by Kathy Coatney

Falling In Love Series Boxset (Books 1-3)

Cover, The Boy Box by London Avers

The Boy Box

Cover for Big Sky Talk by Courtney Pierce

Big Sky Talk

Cover for Juliette, Rising by Fabienne Marsh

Juliette, Rising

cover for Single, White Cave Man by Fabienne Marsh

Single, White Cave Man