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Keyword in 2022 is Focus

by Maggie Lynch Key word for the year : Focus My primary feeling about the year: Anticipation Overall approach: Cautiously optimistic Overcoming obstacles: Work together Gut feeling on how the year will end:  Beyond expectations Focus on Moving Forward Okay I admit I’ve always been an optimist. I figure it’s
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Opening the Door to New Opportunities in 2022

by Shree Aier 2021 was a blast. Not really. It was one of the most depressing times of my life. I couldn’t bring myself to write despite having so much time on my hands. I was diagnosed with ADHD and that explained a lot of things for me. This year,
a button to press that says "Do Over"

2022: The Great Do-Over Year?

by Jamie Brazil Here we are again, the cusp of a new year and with the flip of a calendar page many of us are filled with the possibilities of achievement in the grand space of the 365 days ahead. I am. Again. Most years the magic of possibility, of
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2022’s Clean Slate

by Kimila Kay I used to be a resolutions person, but then I realized I set the same goals every year, my failure to achieve them setting me up for despair by the end of January. Now, amid a pandemic, my older self is thankful I survived 2021, despite not