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Channeling Mothers by Kimila Kay May 19, 2022 As a young girl, I dreamed of getting married and becoming a mother. I grew up with three siblings, a sister and two brothers, but for my future family I simply wanted one of each, a boy, and a girl, oh, and of course the obligatory pets, a dog, and a cat. And to complete my fantasy, I longed for a house, yard, and white picket fence. My girlhood illusion morphed into a difficult reality when I found myself divorced after six years of marriage, raising two boys on my own. Fortunately,
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The Star of the Show By Courtney Pierce May 17, 2022 Mom. What can you do when your mother is eccentric, flawed, funny, and perfect all at once? Well, writing a book is a good start. In my case, my mother’s crazy story took up three books: The Executrix, Indigo Lake, and Indigo Legacy titled The Dushane Sisters Trilogy. This funny and poignant series pairs fiction with a whole bunch of truth. Since my Mom is still kicking at the age of 88, I really needed to get her permission to call her out on a lot of stuff that
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My Mother Became Smarter As I Aged by Maggie Lynch May 12, 2022 Somewhere around age eleven or twelve I decided I was smarter than my parents. I didn’t tell them, of course, because that would have been rude. But I believed it. It was based on the fact that I learned some things in school they didn’t know about and that I could often answer questions more quickly. This belief, unfortunately, also had me NOT asking them things as much as I did before because I figured they didn’t know anyway. Yes, I was the equivalent of Hermione Granger
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The Hero’s Mother and Her Role in My Stories by Ann Chaney May 10, 2022 One of the surprising twists in my books is how the mothers of my heroes play a role in the resolution of whatever calamity their offspring has unearthed. With my Lords of Whitehall series, I included the mothers to accentuate the strength of women in a male centric world. Since the beginning of time there have been strong women. However, only in the last ten years have romance authors embraced strong female characters. Each of my mother characters step into the fray without a worry
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Do You See What I See? by Judith Ashley May 5, 2022   One of my Core Values is we are all connected, we are all part of the sacred, the Divine. And we comprises more than we humans. We is comprised of all that is. And all that is includes my backyard. I picked out and planted trees and bushes. I dug up ferns from the forested land of friends to add an old forest feel to a corner and under the Larch Diana. I am committed to providing habitat for birds including flowering plants that attract pollinators. One
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Magick and the Environment By Diana McCollum May 3, 2022 As I began thinking about writing The Witch with the Trident Tattoo, I knew I wanted a witch who not only possessed magick skills, but was a marine scientist. When an unknown scourge begins killing off the life in the ocean off MA, Ella begins her research into what is causing it and finding a cure. She is a sea witch and spends as much time in the ocean as on land. I feel it is important for all of human kind to care take the earth. To help fight
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Promoting Environmental Stewardship in Our Writing by Dari LaRoche April 28, 2022 The Earth Day theme this year is “Invest in Our Planet.” Earth Day is observed throughout the month of April, not just on the one day, which is April 22 this year. Most all communities have multiple organized activities, school programs, and events to raise environmental awareness. What can we do in our daily lives to help the planet? Photo by Dari La Roche If you go to the tips page for Earth Day this year and look through the blocks of 52 Ways to Invest in our
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Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence by Maggie Lynch April 26, 2022 One of the principles of my spiritual practice is: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. What does this mean in reality? Is it just something I recite or is it something I try to incorporate into my life on a regular basis? The answer is I take it very seriously. It serves as a major principle that shapes who I am and how I move and act in the world. It is as much a part of me
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Keeping Track Keeps Me Up At Night by Paty Jager April 21, 2022 The thing I find the most taxing about writing is keeping all the information about the characters in ongoing series straight, keeping track of ISBNs, keeping track of everywhere the book, ebook, and audio book can be purchased, keeping track of prices, keeping track of where I have or had a book on sale, keeping track of everything other than the actual writing of the book. Whew! Just thinking about it makes me exhausted! I’ve read how other authors use spreadsheets or software to help them keep
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THE THREE ESSENTIALS by Pamela Cowan April 19, 2022 I’m a former project manager and a part-time writer. I thought once I left the day job, I would be able to write full time. Ha! Since retiring I’ve been constantly shocked by the many, many things on my daily to-do list. I’m first and foremost a learning coach for my granddaughter, homeschooling due to Covid. I’m helping my husband remodel our hundred-year-old house and garden. I’ve got a side business maintaining various websites. I’m a member of the publishing cooperative, Windtree Press, a board member and anthology editor of the Northwest