Woman jumping for joy at the beach with 2023 written in the sand
Looking Forward with Hope and Plans by Paty Jager January 10, 2023 I’ve been someone who rarely visits the past. There are a couple of things that happened in my past that shaped who I am today. And while I look back and wish they hadn’t happened, I know I wouldn’t be as independent and strong had my life been all sunshine and roses. And it is the murky past that keeps me looking forward rather than back. What I see laid out ahead of me is a year full of promise, travel, exploring new elements of my writing, and
Januay 2023 calendar that says: "Make It Happen and Happy New Year emblazoned in the bottom right corner
Looking Forward to 2023 by Mary Vine January 7, 2023 I read an article in AARP The Magazine about actress Helen Mirren. She said, “Each year I make the same New Year’s resolutions: I will not procrastinate. And every year, I procrastinate. I will be more communicative. And every year, I fail to be more communicative. Certain character failings stay with you forever, it seems to me.” That sounds like several of us, and the reason many no longer make New Year resolutions. Still, I continue to do so. In Proverbs 29:18a the Bible says, “Where there is no vision,
Scene of a snowy winter in an old-fashioned village with all the inside lights shining into the night
Why Christmas is my Favorite Holiday by Kathy Coatney January 3, 2022 Note from blog manager: Kathy turned this in with plenty of time to get this in the queue for December 13th. However, I (Maggie Lynch) was overwhelmed with a combination of work commitments and family responsibilities and this post fell through the cracks. Kathy’s holiday books are wonderful. Though Christmas has passed, these stories will still warm your heart and provide a great love story and happily-ever-after. Christmas always has so much magic and joy, especially when you have young children around. Their squeals of excitement and wonder
James Webb telescope rendering of the pillars o creation in a far away nebula
Preparing for 2023 by Susie Slanina January 3, 2023 “I always listen to what I can leave out.” Miles Davis It’s nearly Winter Solstice and, for me, a good time to put this Miles Davis quote into practice.   There’s so much going on this time of year. I see it as a time to step back from the noise and chaos, a sort of little retreat. A time to be reflective and look back on the past year which is coming to a close, all the while anticipating and wondering about the new year ahead.  Living in an area that
yellow-gold table with a coffee cap, marker and phone. On a napkin is written "a goal without a plan is just a wish."
New Year’s Day is Renewal and Rejoicing by Maggie Lynch January 1, 2023 There are so many wonderful holidays during the Winter. December brings a plethora of opportunities to celebrate, including Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa among others. All of these are holidays of reflection, preparation, and celebration. For me, the culmination of all that reflection is New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Day, if I’ve prepared sufficiently, I step into the year with knowledge of the past and hope for the future. That is why it is not only my favorite winter holiday, but my favorite holiday of the
Four different types of Christmas trees covered in snow
Winter Is My Favorite Season of the Year by Judith Ashley December 29, 2022 Winter is my favorite season of the year. I prefer the cool and cold to the warm and hot temperatures. Air quality is generally much better also. I love grey days with a drizzle of rain. And snow? Yes, please! And yes, I do have a favorite winter holiday. Time, as in decades, pass and what was once a favorite holiday can morph into something else entirely my own creation. Growing up, Christmas was a major event. My mom started baking in October with a special
Winter holiday woman with magic in her hands
Making Winter Holidays Your Own by Anna Brentwood December 15, 2022 Since moving to Oregon from sunny California, even 20 plus years later, I barely tolerate the winter tunnel season of gray. The sunshine all but disappears. Everything turns darker, moister, colder and meaner. My solution to avoid the winter blues has evolved to simply this… I give myself a semblance of control by doing all I do but creating, planning and looking forward to the holidays too. Maybe naked landscapes, de-icer, shivering or having to dig your vehicles out of the snow doesn’t bother you but to paraphrase a
An assortment of holiday pies, including pecan, pumpkin, and apple
My Favorite Winter Holiday by Ann Chaney December 8, 2022   I bet everyone is thinking this will be another tribute to the joys of Christmas or the welcoming of the new year. Not so fast. I do enjoy Christmas. Who doesn’t like presents? Love the food and time with family and friends. As for New Year’s, I spend those days decompressing after all the excitement of Christmas. No watching that Swarovski crystal ball drop seconds before midnight in Times Square for me. I took a poll. I asked my family what is their favorite winter holiday besides Christmas and
Tall trees in snow cover ground, an adult is walking with a small child through the forest
My Favorite Winter Holiday by Paty Jager December 6, 2022   I would have to say my favorite winter holiday is Christmas, but not December 25th. That day is fun because we spend it with our kids and grandkids that are close by. It’s everything leading up to the day that I love. First, there is my year-long quest when I’m out and about to discover something that is perfect for a member of the family or a friend to wrap up for their Christmas gift. Yes, you heard that right. I have stuff hidden in my closet from the
arrangement of photos from Judith Ashley's garden
Gratitude by Judith Ashley December 1, 2022 Gratitude has a range, a spectrum to it. On the one hand it can be a very personal feeling, on the other hand it can be shared among many or it can appear to be shared among many. I am grateful for the beauty in my backyard, for the birds (especially the hummingbirds) who visit daily, for the bright colors of the salvia and geraniums, for the calming fronds of the ferns and for the memorial to my parents and younger brother who have died. However, if you were here at my house,