Frontiera Series Book 2

Dr. Daria Lovejoy, advice maven for the galaxy, can’t talk her way out when she’s kidnapped by a pirate. But then, why would she want to? 

Jark Steele may be as fearsome as the space pirate on the cover of Daria’s favorite romance, but he’s also much, much more. He battled his way out of the slums of Earth I with his immense size and brawn, but this cruiser pilot has brains as well. And he’s not missing this chance to prove it to the woman of his dreams.

When Daria discovers Jark saved her from being snatched by kidnappers hired by her own fiancé, she rewards him and herself with a night of passion. She discovers this man of steel is one alpha male who knows how to make a woman feel ravished … in the best possible way.
But despite her fame for urging others to go after their dreams, will she find the courage to grasp all that’s possible in their newfound passion … or will she retreat behind her safe, public persona?

Ebook $2.99

“I was excited to see a second book for the Fontiera series, bought it ,read it, couldn’t put it down. I gave it a four star because I felt there should have been some more get to know ya stuff. Jark started to and I thought it was going well but he got frustrated too soon. It just showed me he was more star struck than knew her. She has a hang up and her job let’s her hide an live vicariously through others. It takes a little while before “Doc” takes her own advice.” — CareBear, Kindle Customer

“It is a sweet, sexy sci-fi romance with hot sex. I loved the characters and thought the story line was interesting. I like that the male was handsome, adventurous and wasn’t afraid to go after what he wanted. I love action oriented heroes. I also love that both characters were self made success stories. The female had a brain, which gives the story line so much more credibility.” — Melinda Burt, Amazon Customer

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