Book cover for Cougar's Cache by Paty Jager. Cover features a cougar in the foreground with a hill or mountain in the background.

Cougar’s Cache

The Pinch

Cover for book Sugar and Vice by Mellissa Yi. Hope's Seven deadly sis thriller 2: Gluttony. Depicts a person face down with a giant pink donut and sprinkles covering most of her body.

Sugar and Vice

Cover for novella, Five Golden Rings by Kimila Kay

Five Golden Rings

Christmas Chaos

Cover for Redneck Ranch by Kimila Kay. Features a rustic, broken-down barn against the sunset.

Redneck Ranch

Cover for Repoe Man. by Pamela Cowan

Repoe Man

Book cover for Damning Firefly by Paty Jager

Damning Firefly

Gabriel Hawke Box Set 7-9

Gabriel Hawke Box Set, Books 7-9

Spotted Pony Casino Box Set, Books 1-3

Cover for The Squeeze by Paty Jager. Woman leaning out of car with blood on currency held in her hand.

The Squeeze

woman wearing a surgical mask and hair net. On the mask is written: Hell hath no fury like a surgeon scorned. Cover copy: Melissa Yi, Derringer Award finalist. The Shapes of Wrath, a Hope's Seven deadly Sins Thriller

The Shapes of Wrath

Cover for Bear Stalker by Paty Jager. Features a bear in the woods looking toward the reader

Bear Stalker

Cover for Crime Never Takes A Holiday, A mystery anthology, edited by Paty Jager

Crime Never Takes A Holiday

Book cover for Double Down by Paty Jager. Knife plunged into poker table with colored chips featured.

Double Down

Book cover for Hide and Sneak, El and Em Detective Series #2 by Pamela Cowan

Hide and Sneak

Owl's Silent Strike cover by Paty Jager, Gabriel Hawk book 9

Owl’s Silent Strike

House Edge cover by Paty Jager feaures a woman's hand tightly yanking on a man's tie. Cards in the corner show three aces.

House Edge

3D cover for Gabriel Hawke boxsets books 4-6

Gabriel Hawke Box Set Books 4-6

Churlish Badger cover, a Gabriel Hawke Mystery Novel by Paty Jager

Churlish Badger

Cover for White Lightning by Melissa Yi

White Lightning

Cover for Poker Face, a Spotted Pony Casino Mystery, by Paty Jager

Poker Face

Higheagle 3D Box Set 13-15 by Paty Jager

Shandra Higheagle Box Set Books 13-15

Cove for Stolen Butterfly, Gabriel Hawke novel #7. Features a bloody handprint and tan background with a butterfly above the thumb

Stolen Butterfly

Cover for Vanishing Dream, a Shandra Higheagle Mystery by Paty Jager

Vanishing Dream

Turkey's Fiery Demise, A Gabriel Hawke mystery by Paty Jager

Turkey’s Fiery Demise

Cover for Scorpion Scheme, Hope Sze Medical Crime Novel by Mellisa Yi

Scorpion Scheme

Bosxet image of books 1-3 in Gabriel Hawke series

Gabriel Hawke Novels Books 1-3 Box Set

Cover for Capricious Demise by Paty Jager, a Shandra Higheagle Mystery

Capricious Demise

Cover for Fire and Lies by Pamela Cowan

Fire and Lies

Cover for Fo Goes Hunting, A Gabriel Hawke Novel by Paty Jager

Fox Goes Hunting

Cover - Abstract Casualty by Paty Jager

Abstract Casualty

Shandra Higheagle Mystery Boxset Books 10-12 by Paty Jager

Shandra Higheagle Box Set Books 10-12

Cover for Chattering Blue Jay by Paty Jager

Chattering Blue Jay

Cover for Graveyard Shift by Melissa Yi

Graveyard Shift

Rattle Snake Brother by Paty Jager

Rattlesnake Brother

Mouse Trail Ends by Paty Jager

Mouse Trail Ends

cover for Murder of Ravens by Paty Jager

Murder of Ravens

cover for Homicide Hideaway by Paty Jager

Homicide Hideaway

Cover for Dangerous Dance by Paty Jager. A native american is dancing in colorful regalia

Dangerous Dance

Shandra Higheagle Mystery Boxset Books 7-9 by Paty Jager

Shandra Higheagle Box Set Books 7-9

cover for Artful Murder, A Shandra Higheagle Mystery by Paty Jager

Artful Murder

Audiobook - Murderous Secrets: A Shandra Higheagle Mystery

Audiobook – Murderous Secrets

Haunting Corpse by Paty Jager

Haunting Corpse

Audiobook - Deadly Aim

Audiobook-Deadly Aim

Lies: Secrets Can Kill by Linda Lovely

Lies: Secrets Can Kill

Dear Killer by Linda Lovely

Dear Killer

Cold Kill by Pamela Cowan

Cold Kill

Book Cover for Something in the Dark by Pamela Cowan

Something in the Dark

Italian School of Assassins by Melissa Yi

The Italian School for Assassins

Human Remains by Melissa Yi

Human Remains

Stockholm Syndrome by Melissa Yi

Stockholm Syndrome

Terminally Ill by Melissa Yi

Terminally Ill

Notorious D.O.C. by Melissa Yi

Notorious D.O.C.

Code Blues by Melissa Yi

Code Blues

Leave Me Breathless cover by Kathy Coatney

Leave Me Breathless

Shandra Higheagle Mysteries Books 4-6 Box Set by Paty Jager

Shandra Higheagle Mysteries Books 4-6 Box Set

Shandra Higheagle Box Set Books 1-3 by Paty Jager

Shandra Higheagle Mystery Box Set Books 1-3

Fatal Fall by Paty Jager

Fatal Fall

Yuletide Slaying by Paty Jager

Yuletide Slaying

Reservation Revenge by Paty Jager

Reservation Revenge

Killer Descent by Paty Jager

Killer Descent

Murderous Secrets by Paty Jager

Murderous Secrets

Deadly Aim by Paty Jager

Deadly Aim

Tarnished Remains by Paty Jager

Tarnished Remains

Double Duplicity by Paty Jager

Double Duplicity