SF Romance

Cover for Magnetism: Cryoborn Gifts by Maggie Lynch


Cover for Hunter Green: Ghost Planet by C J Cade

Hunter Green

Cover for Summer Solstice, a time travel novella by Mary Vine

Summer Solstice

Cover for Goldbrick, a time travel book by Mary Vine


Cover for A Nugget of Time, time travel romance by Mary Vine

A Nugget of Time

Gravity by Maggie Lynch, Obsidian Rim series, Cryborn Gifts sub-series


Cover for Cyborg Pleasure by cJ Cade

Cyborg Pleasure, The Space Madam’s Warrior

Heart of Steel by C J Cade

Heart of Steel

Heart of Stone by C J Cade

Heart of Stone

Dark Runner by C J Cade

Dark Runner

Stark Surrender by C J Cade

Stark Surrender

Captive of Pleasure by C J Cade

Captive of Pleasure

Creed of Pleasure by C J Cade

Creed of Pleasure

Stark Pleasure by C J Cade

Stark Pleasure

Deep Indigo by CJ Cade

Deep Indigo

Prince of Dragons by CJ Cade

Prince of Dragons

Her Commander by CJ Cade

Her Commander

Tyger Tyger Burning Bryght by CJ Cade

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bryght

The Orion Series, SF Romance, Box Set 4 books

The Orion Series Box Set

cover for Eternity: Virus Wars by Maggie Lynch

Eternity: Virus Wars