Literary Fiction

cover for Single, White Cave Man by Fabienne Marsh

Single, White Cave Man

Cover for Juliette, Rising by Fabienne Marsh

Juliette, Rising

cover Indigo Legacy by Courtney Pierce

Indigo Legacy

The Walk by Wahula Gonzo

The Walk

The Mayan Sisterhood by Jamie Brazil and Wahula Gonzo

The Mayan Sisterhood

Indigo Lake by Courtney Pierce

Indigo Lake

The Executrix by Courtney Pierce

The Executrix

Riffs by Courtney Pierce


Brushes by Courtney Pierce


Stitches by Courtney Pierce


The Songbird with Sapphire Eyes by Anna Brentwood

The Songbird with Sapphire Eyes

Shifting Waters by Maggie Jaimeson

Shifting Waters