Letters of Fate Book 2 (2nd edition)

Historical western filled with steamy romance and the rawness of a growing country.

Alamayda Wagner’s life has left her cynical, but also vigilant, and that’s what propels her to Cornucopia, Oregon to uncover the secrets her father took to his grave. She quickly discovers her only hope includes trusting Isaac Corum. That soon proves to be expensive, and not just financially.

The last thing Isaac Corum needs or wants is a snooty woman telling him he didn’t do enough to save her father, which is what her letter implied. He’d helped the man more than most people would have, and swears he won’t go out of his way like that again. He’ll meet her at the Baker City train station, deliver her father’s belongings, and send her back the way she came.

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Isaac: Letters of Fate Book 2 by Paty Jager
I really liked the second installment to the letters of fate series. I found the characters very real but deep and well developed. The story was full of wonderful descriptions and historical living situations.
Angela ConnerAmazon Customer
I was mesmerized by the story and couldn't stop reading until the last word. Isaac Corum has no intention of traipsing off with a snooty woman but he can't let her go by herself. Alamayda Wagner intends to find the gold mine her father told her he'd found. She hires Isaac although she isn't sure she trusts him.
Caroline ClemmonsAmazon Customer

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