Halsey Homecoming Trilogy Book 2

Deceit, contradictions, and lies.

On a ship bound for America, Colin Healy encounters a contradictory woman, whose beauty and grace intrigues him, until he discovers who she really is.

Livie Leatherby boards the ship as an imposter to get the information she needs to save her family. Befriending Sir Colin Healy is easy with his chivalrous tendencies. But she soon realizes discovering his past marks him for death.

Forced together to stay one step ahead of the Lord set on killing Colin for his estate, can these two get past the lies and deceit that has brought them together before one or the other meets their demise?

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Staking Claim by Paty Jager
[cl-review quote=”Staking Claim is a great story and the characters are intriguing, well developed and very likeable. The story is interesting and the villain is detestable. You won’t be disappointed in the book. Another great Halsey book.” author=”Kristin” occupation=”Amazon Customer” type=”quote” layout=”modern” quote_size=”12px” author_size=”12px” italic=”1″][cl-review quote=”A love story from England to NE Oregon. Great read – Happy to finally know what happened to Colin in England after learning about him in ‘Miners in
Petticoats’ If you haven’t read the Halsey Brothers series you need to get started. as well as laying claim in this series. ENJOY!” author=”Viclee” occupation=”Amazon Customer” type=”quote” layout=”modern” quote_size=”12px” author_size=”12px” italic=”1″]

The Halsey Homecoming Series

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