Silver Dollar Saloon Series Book 3

Their dreams brought them together. But will violence tear them apart?

Freedom longs to be out of the Silver Dollar Saloon, with a family of her own. When a white man promises marriage and children, she takes the biggest risk of her life, and follows him to the wilds of Montana Territory. Where he shows his true nature.

Water Runs Fast, a Crow off the reservation, comes upon a white man whipping a brown-skinned woman. After stabbing the white man and riding off with the woman, he realizes she is the woman from his visions. The one who pledged to help him and his people survive in the white man’s world.

On the run from the tragedy, the two grow close. Together, they begin a life as husband and wife. But will they have their chance at a life together, or will they hang for murder?

Ebook $3.99, Print Book $12.99

“Excellent. This is a lovely book; it’s about a strong woman standing up to enormous disadvantages. She’s a character not afraid to go after what she believes is the path to a good life, and even after the person she trusts betrays her, her spirit isn’t broken and she survives. Freedom is a lady to be admired. Her strength and bravery leads her to trust again and find her happily ever after. Excellent story, I highly recommend this book.”  — Dalice Peterson

“This story is emotional due to the violence, prejudice, and heartbreak portrayed. Yet it’s also filled with hope and love thanks to Freedom’s friends and Swift’s family. The inclusion of Swift’s native tongue was an unexpected bonus and added a richness to the story. Ms. Jager is terrific at portraying realistic characters in a historical western setting.There is wonderful closure thanks to the epilogue, which had a few surprises. I can’t wait to see whose story will be next.” J Weiss

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