Pamela Cowan / Pam Bainbridge-Cowan

Pamela is an award winning, Pacific Northwest author of dark mysteries and thrillers, as well as science fiction, fantasy and horror titles.

An army brat, she was born in Germany and moved with her family 17 times before her father retired to Oregon, where she has steadfastly remained. She has two grown children and lives with her remarkably patient husband and various four-legged roommates.

Pamela Cowan, author
Book cover for Hide and Sneak, El and Em Detective Series #2 by Pamela Cowan

Hide and Sneak

Gifts from the Heart Anthology

Gifts From The Heart

Cover for Fire and Lies by Pamela Cowan

Fire and Lies

Cover for Storm Retribution by Pamela Cowan

Storm Retribution

Altered Visions by Pamela Cowan

Altered Visions

Cover for Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds by Pam Bainbridge-Cowan


Cold Kill by Pamela Cowan

Cold Kill

Book Cover for Something in the Dark by Pamela Cowan

Something in the Dark

Cover for Storm Vengeance by Pamela Cowan

Storm Vengeance

Cover for Storm Justice by Pamela Cowan

Storm Justice

The Gift of Christmas Anthology

The Gift of Christmas