Edited by Maggie Lynch

Rediscover the magic and romance of Valentine’s Day with these nine stories of Gifts From The Heart. Stories of best friends, lost chances, first love, love renewed, and new love will bring a tear to your eye and a little skip in the beat of your heart.

Read about a wounded warrior saved by a ring. Empathize with two different widows as they strive to overcome their past and open their hearts to trust again. Follow a survivor of the Titanic as she boards another ship and her past and future collide.

Shiver with the cautionary tale of the prison of love in the legend of Ann’er from the dark world of Thorn. Laugh at the humorous escapades of a young woman led to find love through the questionable assistance of her cat. Then finish this volume by relaxing in the fairy-tale world of a little dog who helps a sad and lonely princess learn to accept the unconditional love of pets.

“The Telltale Heart” by Sarah Raplee
“Is He the One?” by Judith Ashley
“Saved by the Ring” by Diana McCollum
“Be My Valentine” by Susan Lute
“Dancing on Water” by Mercer Addison
“Heart of a Highlander” by Collette Cameron
“The Flaming Heart of Winter” by Pamela Cowan
“Matchmaker Cat” by Jane Killick
“Metro Goes to London” by Susie Slanina

Ebook $3.99, Print from $12.99

“Gifts from the Heart is an eclectic collection of short stories related to the many facets and faces of love. The range of stories surprised and pleased me, as I never knew what was coming next – I only knew I would finish the story feeling uplifted and optimistic. This anthology is a keeper!” — Sarah Mcdermed

“This was a delightful book with a variety of wonderful stories. I’d sit down with my cup of tea in the morning and read one of the stories. I did this each day till I read them all. There are a wide range of genres from contemporary to historical to paranormal etc. Good keeper.” — Dianamcc

Gifts from the Heart Anthology

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