A Bobby Poe Novel

In this suspense novel Pamela Cowan, author of Cold Kill, gives us Bobby Poe, a grease-smudged hero who loves, lives and fights for what matters most.

Bobby Poe and his best friend Jake grew up together in foster care, bonding over their rebellious natures, and shared love of fast cars and heavy metal music.

When Jake asks him to help a mutual friend with a problem, Bobby finds himself drawn into a dangerous world of crime and corruption.

Will love, friendship, and the support of a makeshift family be enough to assure his safety and success, or is the damage inflicted by his past too great?

Ebook $4.99, Print $14.99

“Suffering from PTSD and a broken heart Bobby Poe still stands up and fights for everyone. A new hero!” — Corky Alexander, Simon Says Book Reviews

“Zoey is an idiot.” — Haley Lane, Author of The Twilight King

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