Edited by Paty Jager

A cornucopia of ten cozy mystery stories that are perpetrated during holidays from New Years to Christmas. This collection explores unexplained disturbances, college pranks gone wrong, and almost always one or more murders around a holiday. Solve these spooky crimes that lurk beneath celebratory parties and help search for the murderers. Kick off your shoes, grab a warm drink and snuggle into a blanket before you get lured onto the sparkling snow for the next crime spree.

A Body on the 13th Floor by Paty Jager
Dead Ladies Don’t Dance by Robin Weaver
Took Nothing Left Nothing by Pamela Cowan
Busted for Bones by Dari LaRoche
Yuletide Firebug by Kathy Coatney
Starry Night Murder by Mary Vine
The Twelfth Night Murder by Ann Chaney
Blue Christmas by Melissa Yi
Two Turtle Doves by Maggie Lynch
Five Golden Rings by Kimila Kay

Ebook $3.99, Print $15.99

“An anthology which did NOT leave me wanting. Each story was very different from the others in a good way. The theme of the stories revolved around different holidays. The first story was by Paty Jager and Dela Alvaro solving a murder at the Spotted Pony Casino. Dela is familiar to me through Paty’s books and she is kind of my hero.

I am not familiar with the other authors but have found their stories interesting and learned a few things (like geocaching). Some murders occurred in a retirement village, in an early 1800s Twelfth Night celebration and while a young woman waits for her family and fiancé to arrive she solves a murder. A big twist in this last one. The final story really held my attention because the sheriff had a deputy who was autistic and really valuable at a crime scene. I actually bought a book by one of these authors. This anthology is well worth the time and money!” — Cheryl Pompilii, BookBub Review

“This precious little book contains ten cozy, suspense and mystery type stories that are each uniquely their own and pull you right in…Each story packs a punch of its own, different, interesting characters, both real or fictional places, and situations. Best of all, they are all centered around a variety of various holidays.

If you are an on-the-run reader who doesn’t have time for a long involved saga over three hundred plus pages but want to read something satisfying that holds your interest and you enjoy a good puzzle or two, this anthology is THE gift that keeps on giving. I highly recommend. A great stocking stuffer too!”  AP Long

Cover for Crime Never Takes A Holiday, A mystery anthology, edited by Paty Jager

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