Storm McKenzie is a probation officer in a small city in Oregon. She’s also happily married and the mother of two great kids. Everything is just about perfect, except for the scars.

Set on fire by her father in a drunken accident when she was thirteen, abandoned by her mother, Storm is a damaged soul searching for a cause. An article in a local paper and a chance meeting with the right person is just the catalyst she needs to take action and become what she was meant to be, a brutal and unforgiving vigilante who will risk it all to avenge those betrayed by the ones they trusted most.

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“Vigilante in a skirt. If you’re a fan of the show Dexter, then this will be right up your alley. Storm is a reflection of our justice system gone by the wayside. Many of us would live take matters in our own hands. We just haven’t the mind to do it. This is fast paced roller coaster that is a bit squeamish.” — Maquel Jacobs, Goodreads

“A gripping novel. I had to keep stopping to catch my breath before I could go on. Oh, dear God, what’s going to happen next? I’m too old for this kind of excitement. (Already ordered Storm Vengeance.). I guess I’m not too old, yet.” — Veronica Lamb, Goodreads

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