In this suspense thriller we meet Probation Officer Storm McKenzie, a woman who bears the scars of a childhood trauma but refuses to carry her past into the present. Storm is a considerate probation officer, a loving wife and a good mother. In fact, Storm is good at everything she does, including finding, stalking and killing the people she believes justice has failed to punish — very, very good.

Vigilante or Serial Killer? You decide.

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Storm Justice by Pamela Cowan
Cowan delivers one of the most complex lead characters I've read in years.
Andy Bunchauthor, Suffering Rancor
f you like books like “Kiss the Girls” by James Patterson, getting into the minds and motive of out-of-the-box serial killers, you will most definitely enjoy “Storm Justice” by Pamela Cowan.
Roslyn McFarlandauthor of See No Sea

The Storm Series

Storm Vengeance by Pamela Cowan

Storm Vengeance

cover for Storm Retribution by Pamela Cowan, woman holding knife behind her back

Storm Retribution