Group of diverse people holding letter that spell out FAMILY
The Importance of Good Foster Parents by Maggie Lynch July 28, 2022   There are good and bad foster families. Unfortunately, you only hear about the bad ones. And there
A picture of Mary, as a young woman, with her aunt and uncle
Celebrating Other Types of Parents by Mary Vine July 26, 2022 Here in my post today, I am celebrating other types of parents, because sometimes relationships in the home are
Family in silhouette standing ina field facing a sky of purple, yellow, aqua and blue
Not All Families are Made the Same by Paty Jager July 21, 2022 Life can toss things in our path that we think we can handle. Sometimes we can and
silhouettes of a variety of happy, playful adults and children against a green toned park-like background
It Takes a Village by Kimila Kay July 19, 2022 In today’s confusing world, I wonder how hard it might be for children to understand the parental roles of the
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3 Ways YOU Can Be As Independent As A Biker Babe by Cathryn Cade July 14, 2022 My name is Cathryn and I write about biker babes and their men.
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The Independent Writer by Pamela Cowan July 12, 2022 I had a job interview once, and one of the questions was this. Interviewer: What kind of management do you prefer?