Happy senior woman looking ahead with her hand at her forehead, excited to leave home and go on a trip
An Optimist’s View of the New Year by Ann Chaney January 28, 2022 You should never ask a “glass half full” optimist this question. I wake up every morning with
Metro goes Stargazing in a dream where he rides on the back of his human as they rise from the ground into the stars
Looking Beyond the Challenges of 2021 by Susie Slanina January 27, 2022 “I’m not afraid to die, I’m just afraid of taking that last breath.” Those were my brave mother’s words
Travel collage. Norway, Portugal, Madeira, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Montenegro, Ukraine, Crimea. European landmarks
Accidental Tourism by Jamie Brazil January 25, 2022 “Sometimes the road of life takes some unexpected turns, but in the end, life is no accident.” We’re hitting the road this
two hands arranged to form a frame of a setting sun
Keyword in 2022 is Focus by Maggie Lynch January 20, 2022 Key word for the year : Focus My primary feeling about the year: Anticipation Overall approach: Cautiously optimistic Overcoming
woman opening a double door to reveal a beautiful landscape with new opportunities
Opening the Door to New Opportunities by Shree Aier January 18, 2022 2021 was a blast. Not really. It was one of the most depressing times of my life. I
Smiling red-hair woman sitting on table and holding a blank sheet of paper in her hands, with her laptop to her right. A stack of books and cup of coffee and pens to her left. Yellow wall background.
2022’s Clean Slate by Kimila Kay January 13, 2022 I used to be a resolutions person, but then I realized I set the same goals every year, my failure to