Silhouette of father and daughter holding hands in a field facing a bright orange sunset
My Father Taught Me Purpose by Maggie Lynch June 28, 2022 There is a lot of research about the importance of supportive fathers in the raising of children. The primary
Daughter sitting on sofa, covering her face with hands, turning away from father.
Father Daughter Relationships Are Not Always Easy by Pamela Cowan June 23,2022   I began writing because a friend showed me I could. I kept writing because of my father. 
Two hands painted in pride flag colors forming a heart with thumb and index finger at the center
Embracing My Rainbow World Guest Post by E. J. Russell June 16, 2022 A Note from Maggie Lynch: When we devised all the blog themes for 2022, I knew that we
Concept picture of a married gay man with a cut out of the man in the middle, sitting on a park bench with wife with a hand on his leg and son turned away looking out to the park behind
A Timeless Tale Guest Post by Samantha Waltz June 14, 2022 A Note from Windtree Author Kimila Kay: In our current cultural climate, families, friends, and society are being challenged
gender symbols interlocked with a variety of colors
Many People No Longer Think of Sexuality or Gender as Binary by Melissa Yuan-Innes June 9, 2022 “I didn’t know you wrote LGBTQ+ characters,” said Maggie. Well, just goes to
Teen holiding a sign that says non-binary teens exist, and we matter
Thinking Non-Binary is the Future by Maggie Lynch June 7, 2022 As we begin Pride month, it’s a good time to talk about the importance of including LGBTQi characters in