Four different types of Christmas trees covered in snow
Winter Is My Favorite Season of the Year by Judith Ashley December 29, 2022 Winter is my favorite season of the year. I prefer the cool and cold to the
Winter holiday woman with magic in her hands
Making Winter Holidays Your Own by Anna Brentwood December 15, 2022 Since moving to Oregon from sunny California, even 20 plus years later, I barely tolerate the winter tunnel season
An assortment of holiday pies, including pecan, pumpkin, and apple
My Favorite Winter Holiday by Ann Chaney December 8, 2022   I bet everyone is thinking this will be another tribute to the joys of Christmas or the welcoming of
Tall trees in snow cover ground, an adult is walking with a small child through the forest
My Favorite Winter Holiday by Paty Jager December 6, 2022   I would have to say my favorite winter holiday is Christmas, but not December 25th. That day is fun
arrangement of photos from Judith Ashley's garden
Gratitude by Judith Ashley December 1, 2022 Gratitude has a range, a spectrum to it. On the one hand it can be a very personal feeling, on the other hand