picture of the first labor day parade in NYC 1882
The Meaning of Labor and the Rise of Unions Throughout History by Anna Brentwood August 30, 2022 How many of us stop to think we’re living in a time where
The monastery in Valdemossa where George Sands and Chopin stayed and Fabienne Marsh visited
An Island Education by Fabienne Marsh August 25, 2022   In 2021, I went to Jamaica because I did not want to be alone for Christmas. After years of following
The Big Island, Hawaii
Islands are Awesome… But Don’t Try to Be One by Cathryn Cade August 23, 2022 Remember that old saying ‘No woman is an island’? Yeah, I paraphrased that. We all
Yachts in Bay of Athens at sunset
ISLAND HOPPING AROUND THE MEDITERRANEAN By Dari LaRoche August 18, 2022 NOTE: This was originally posted on Dari LaRoche’s website blog. Her blog contains more pictures and larger images than
Seaplanes at dock in Tofino on Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada
Sea Glass, Seaplanes and Summer by Jamie Brazil August 16, 2022   Tell people you live on an island and questions will follow. Island life brings to mind images of
An array of many different sizes and types of types of crystals sitting atop a side table, beneath a window in Judith Ashley's home
We Are All Connected by Judith Ashley August 11, 2022   While I’ve always talked to animals, especially birds, I was in my late forties when I fully adopted—as one