Woman jumping for joy at the beach with 2023 written in the sand
Looking Forward with Hope and Plans by Paty Jager January 10, 2023 I’ve been someone who rarely visits the past. There are a couple of things that happened in my
Januay 2023 calendar that says: "Make It Happen and Happy New Year emblazoned in the bottom right corner
Looking Forward to 2023 by Mary Vine January 7, 2023 I read an article in AARP The Magazine about actress Helen Mirren. She said, “Each year I make the same
Scene of a snowy winter in an old-fashioned village with all the inside lights shining into the night
Why Christmas is my Favorite Holiday by Kathy Coatney January 3, 2022 Note from blog manager: Kathy turned this in with plenty of time to get this in the queue
James Webb telescope rendering of the pillars o creation in a far away nebula
Preparing for 2023 by Susie Slanina January 3, 2023 “I always listen to what I can leave out.” Miles Davis It’s nearly Winter Solstice and, for me, a good time
yellow-gold table with a coffee cap, marker and phone. On a napkin is written "a goal without a plan is just a wish."
New Year’s Day is Renewal and Rejoicing by Maggie Lynch January 1, 2023 There are so many wonderful holidays during the Winter. December brings a plethora of opportunities to celebrate,