Mercer Addison

Mercer’s young parents migrated from Oklahoma to the state of Oregon before she was born. She is the youngest of five siblings, and grew up in a small town surrounded by tall majestic fir trees. Only after her children grew up and left home did Mercer become serious about writing. She’s authored fiction stories from the medieval era to the great depression, to contemporary romantic comedies. But her passion lies with all things historical.

Mercer Addison, author
Even Nectar is Poison by Mercer Addison

Even Nectar is Poison

Five O'Clock Whistle by Mercer Addison

Five O’clock Whistle

A Deceitful Bait by Mercer Addison

Deceitful Bait

The Caged Countess by Mercer Addison

The Caged Countess

Gifts from the Heart Anthology

Gifts From The Heart