It is 1918 Manhattan where wealth is king.

Backstage at the Joyeux Theater, rich playboy Jonathan Drake wakes up in a pool of blood. A bloody knife is in his hand and his lover, Zelda DeLane, the star of Foyle’s Follies, is dead beneath him. Jonathan, naked, grabs Zelda’s cape and escapes the grasping hands of the stage manager and runs for his life.

Liberty Fitzgerald, a nurse for the City’s Department of Health, and on her way to work, finds a man hiding on a tenement rooftop wearing a gossamer cape and nothing else. Although, fearful that he’s mental and might harm her, she is forced by her conscience to stop and inquire. Is he well? Does he need help?

Jonathan talks Liberty into helping him find the real killer. But the real killer proves elusive, and time is running out for Jonathan who has the police and Sing Sing prison closing in.

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