When Mae Jameison’s husband is killed, she is left to keep their cotton farm producing, raise their small child and fight the great depression hammering the country.

Two men enter her life and vie for her love, the local cotton mill owner, and a stranger, a hobo riding the rails. Mae has to decide if she can overcome her love for her dead husband and chose the right man.

Can comfort and security win out over determined grit?

This story is about a community of people dealing with racial issues, losing their farms, their dignity, and regaining their souls.

Ebook $3.99, Print $14.99

“From beginning to end this author has your emotions yanked in all directions. As I was reading the book, I could hear my voice speaking with that southernness to it. I was literally pulled into the book. I became Mae and I could hear, feel, smell, every descriptive scene in this book…Thank you to the Author for giving me a grand adventure from a history I wish had more of.” — Katrina C, Amazon Customer

“Great characters and wonderful story line. I enjoy the accuracy of the time period. Mercer stories take you on a wonderful ride through history.” — Kimberly DeAlto, Amazon Customer

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