This book is a humorous introduction to the basics of Buddhism according to Frankie the Bloodhound – debut author, kitty enthusiast, and seeker of higher thought.

She has compressed thousands of years of spirituality into 39 nuggets of wisdom (with full-color photos) in this unique canine interpretation of enlightenment that will delight dog lovers as well as readers on the trail to greater awareness.

Ebook $1.00

“Insightful, witty and a thoroughly enjoyable read! It was fun and easily captivated my attention making me want to keep reading. Frankie – you make Buddhism appealing and approachable! Can’t wait for more!” — Lyndack, Amazon Customer

“Pretty darn accurate Buddhist teachings. Although I didn’t like the fake robes on the cover. Good for kids especially. Thanks.” — Hal, Amazon Customer

The Wisdom of The Buddhist Bloodhound by Frankie Rose with Wahula Gonzo and Jamie Brazil translating

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