So what if Toby Turtletaub is smart? His family is cursed. No Turtletaub has ever kept a job, or lived in a town, for more than a few weeks. By the time his dad moves the family to Burdock Falls, Toby can’t even remember the last ten schools he attended, but he can name all 118 atomic elements and their properties.

So when he’s declared a science god by the entire school, it’s the first time in his life Toby hasn’t felt like a loser. Too bad by the time he returns home from school, his dad has already lost his job.

But Toby doesn’t want to move. Ever. Luckily, the know-it-all girl next door, Riley Cobb has an answer. Using Toby’s vast knowledge of science, Riley’s Electronic Pocket Encyclopedia, and piece of a black hole purchased online, they build a lunch box time machine to zap them centuries into the past where they can change the history of the Turtletaub family – or at least grab a fortune in pirate treasure.

Unfortunately, the treasure they discover comes with a bloodthirsty Captain Kidd.  And he’s a buccaneer with a bad case of gas who is determined to follow them home.

Children aged 9-13

Ebook $2.99

”This is a story about friendship, growth, adventure and learning to believe in one’s own worth. Even adults will appreciate the historical settings and the humor the author imparts on history as we know it. Kids will enjoy getting to know Riley and Toby, who each initially have issues that make them feel like social outcasts but who find value in their true selves through their friendship and adventures.” –Carrie Anne, Amazon Customer

“My 12 year-old son and I read A Fart in Time together, laughing our way through the distorted history that makes this book great. We loved the idea of taking two middle school kids, too smart by half, who decide they can get some money, thereby saving their fledgling friendship, by traveling through time. Nothing as mundane as doing extra chores or mowing the yard for these two!…The tale is told with great humor and is an easy read for kids of all ages, but especially for upper elementary and middle school. Younger kids would enjoy having the story read to them. I loved hearing my son giggling his way through his summer reading of this book.” –Renee Q, Amazon customer

A Fart in Time by Jamie Brazil

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