Going back isn’t an option. Not for 18-year-old Cassie Krebs who has spent her life in a desert commune. About to be married off to a church elder almost twice her age, she escapes with the help of her mother.

When her old bucket-of-bolts car breaks down in Jackpot Junction, Nevada, and Cassie finds herself with no money and no place to live, she accepts the first job offer. But now, after six years of spinning a roulette wheel, Cassie is ready for change. She just doesn’t know what.

When a traveling writing instructor posts an ad on the local bulletin board advertising a memoir writing class and the Secrets of the Universe, Cassie is compelled to go. With old memories twisted up inside her, she is determined to move beyond the guilt, grief and anxiety of her childhood.

But what she finds is a series of truths that lead her across three continents… and to her ultimate destination, home, where she must set one heart-wrenching truth free once and for all.

Ebook $4.99

“It was really well written and the story kept me turning pages all the way through. In fact, I read it in one day. It’s a sort of coming of age travel story of Cassie, who is at loose ends in her life. Her casino job is a dead end and she’s avoiding her past. Loved Max. Loved Japan and the Sahara Dessert. So the story gets a touch creepy with the church thing, but as she puts together all those hints from the pink page she carries everywhere, she pretty much figures her life out. And the story comes full circle. I won’t spoil the ending, but I have to say… it took me by surprise and it totally got me. The ending is awesome. It was my favorite part of the novel.” — Lyndack, Amazon Customer 

“Unusual…Surprising….and really good. I don’t know why, but I was expecting something completely different, and was pleasantly surprised when I read (devoured) this book. Those rules are pretty good….and I liked how the story unfolded and guided Cassie on her journey. Well worth the read!” — Katarina Ortmann, Amazon Customer 

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