Mari Kato, 16, wants what everyone else her age wants: a driver’s license. Too bad a family curse, passed on by her Japanese-born Buddhist dad, who claims to be thousands of years old, transforms Mari into a flesh-eating Oni demon when she feels frustrated (like every time she gets behind the wheel).

But when her geologist mom moves their vegan-lifestyle-obsessed family to Rock Creek, Mari stumbles upon the gates of Hell and a mining company plundering its depths. Add in an evil cheerleader determined to steal Mari’s first boyfriend and plunge the Earth into eternal darkness.

Suddenly getting the keys to the car isn’t as important as saving the world. Totally dealable… if she can find the courage to reveal her demon self.

Ebook $2.99

“This book was a different type of supernatural coming of age story than I have ever seen before. The suspense was awesome and the action and adventure did not dissapoint in the least. The bit about supernatural beings passing on (and losing their powers) when their progency turns sixteen was very inventive and thought provoking. What would happen if they had twins? Or more than one child? Who would get the powers then? And if you become human when your child turns 16 who would choose to have a child even? The romance was well balanced and completely plot centric. I wish this wasn’t a stand alone book and part of a larger series! But I will definitely be reading more by this very original author in the future even though I will miss Mari and Juan :)” — Nocturnus, Amazon Customer

“This is a quirky story. With some teenage angst thrown in, this is a funny tale about discovering your inner demon and accepting it. And also saving the world.” — WickedLittleImp, Amazon Customer

Oni the Lonely by Jamie Brazil

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