31 Brutal Truths About the Publishing Industry

Some writers STILL deserve to starve. Updated and revised, the popular Some Writers Deserve to Starve! 31 Brutal Truths About the Publishing Industry is back for round two of humorous advice for writers just getting started, and hilarious cautionary tales for those contemplating risky (and risque) career moves.

Just because publishing’s digital doors have been blown wide open doesn’t guarantee you instant mega-bestseller success, or even readers for that matter. But armed with the insider information of the 31 Brutal Truths you’ll quickly become a savvy pro when it comes to navigating the journey of getting published whether it’s traditionally or independently.

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Some Writers Deserve to Starve by Jamie Brazil
[cl-review quote=”If you seek success as a writer, save yourself some time, trouble (and maybe a few bucks) by buying Some Writers Deserve to Starve.” author=”Donald Maas” occupation=”Noted Literary Agent author of Writing the Breakout Novel” type=”quote” layout=”clean” quote_size=”12px” author_size=”12px” italic=”1″][cl-review quote=”I think this is a book every new writer or artist should read. `{`The author} has offered up practical advice none of us should forget.” type=”quote” layout=”clean” quote_size=”12px” author_size=”12px” italic=”1″]