31 Brutal Truths About the Publishing Industry

Some writers STILL deserve to starve. Updated and revised, the popular Some Writers Deserve to Starve! 31 Brutal Truths About the Publishing Industry is back for round two of humorous advice for writers just getting started, and hilarious cautionary tales for those contemplating risky (and risque) career moves.

Just because publishing’s digital doors have been blown wide open doesn’t guarantee you instant mega-bestseller success, or even readers for that matter. But armed with the insider information of the 31 Brutal Truths you’ll quickly become a savvy pro when it comes to navigating the journey of getting published whether it’s traditionally or independently.

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“While the book is titled SOME WRITERS DESERVE TO STARVE, and sounds negative in tone, I read it with the feeling that while some may deserve to starve, it may be a choice more than anything else. Elaura Niles writes about publishing from the perspective of a writer, and discusses in depth the brutal, ruthless, and more often than not thankless world of publishing. Her work is intriguing. It keeps writers from getting disillusioned by presenting the reality of publishing today. Dispelling the myths is helpful, at least to me, for it gets me to be more serious about my writing. It did nothing to dispel my dream that my words will be immortal, but it helped me realize that every time I sit down at my computer, the words that flow may not all be the immortal words I hope to leave behind, and if I want to leave something behind, I better be prepared to work. The book is also frank enough to keep me serious, so that maybe, twenty years after I’m gone my niece and nephew will not be going through my personal belongings and find a manuscript box with my words and think “poor Uncle Time, he always wanted to be published but…” Instead, they’ll proudly show others Uncle Tim’s novel in published form.” — Timothy Kearney, Amazon Vine Voice

“Publishing is a business and to succeed, writers need to understand the basics of the industry. Elaura Niles has gathered hundreds of practical tips, suggestions, and techniques that will give new writers a leg up as they launch successful writing careers. It’s not simply about talent–it’s about connections, personality, and business savvy, and Niles teaches you to develop these things if you don’t have them already. It’s a quick read that you’ll be able to refer back to in the future, and includes samples of successful queries and face-to-face pitches.” — Kelly JamesEnger

Some Writers Deserve to Starve by Jamie Brazil

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