Do you ever feel as if the world around you is tumbling out of control and there is nothing you can do to make your world a better place?

Do you ever wish there was?

Staying Sane in a Crazy World may help guide you toward stopping the tumbling and choosing how to take effective control of your life.

The reality is there is no One answer that fits all but we each have Our answer.

In this short guide, Judith Ashley leads you through a straight-forward process that allows you to find Your answers. Answers you’ll use to craft a Personal Staying Sane Plan that will help you regain and keep your balance whenever the world around you is out-of-whack.

Ebook $2.99, Print $9.99

“This is one great book. Those days when your mind is spinning and you are going in circles this is a book that helps guide you to finding what you need to learn to get a handle on it. Easy to understand and follow. I enjoyed it and will be reading it again. I really like a fun, but informative book. I was given a review copy and voluntarily review it.” — Sherry Westendorf, Amazon Customer

“In this short but powerful book, Judith Ashley provides practical foundational techniques for determining what’s important to you and guidance on setting up a plan to create balance and joy in your own life regardless of what’s happening around you. A great reminder that we have the ability to make conscious choices to create the life we want to live.” — Connie Cole, Amazon Customer

Book Cover Staying Sane in a Crazy World by Judith Ashley

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