A Sacred Women’s Circle Novel

Dr. Mark Parker and his foster son face a social worker who is prejudiced against single parent adoptions.

Jocelyn Edwards and her step-daughter flee the little girl’s abusive father ending their cross-country ordeal in Fremont, OR.

When a mutual friend brings them together, it is love at first sight for the battered little boy and broken little girl.

But the path to love between Jocelyn and Mark is fraught with nightmares from the past and fears of future loss.

To have the future they both desire, Mark and Jocelyn must persevere through the terror of loss to find love and claim their future.

Ebook $3.95, Print $12.00

Cover for Visions of Happiness by Judith Ashley. Outdoor fall picture with changing leaves. Two children under a tree with one child on a tree swing. Foreground is a woman drinking coffee watching the children.

Sacred Women’s Circle Series

Lily by Judith Ashley

Lily: The Dragon and The Great Horned Owl

Elizabeth by Judith Ashley

Elizabeth: The Lady and The Sacred Grove

Diana by Judith Ashley

Diana: The Queen of Swords

Ashley by Judith Ashley

Ashley: Dragonflies and Dreams

Hunter by Judith Ashley

Hunter: The Drum and the Dance

Gabriella by Judith Ashley

Gabriella: Chaos to Symmetry

Sophia by Judith Ashley


3D rendering of the three books in this boxset, Lily, Elizabeth, and Diana

Sacred Women’s Circle Boxset Books 1-3

Sacred Women's Circle Boxset Books 4-7

Sacred Women’s Circle Boxset Books 4-7

3D image of all seven Sacred Women's Circle books in a boxset

Sacred Women’s Circle Boxset Books 1-7

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Covidology anthology front cover, features cloth masks pinned on a clothesline