Book 3 in the Metro the Little Dog Series

Metro graduates with honors from Puppy Kindergarten and gets a tiara for Miss Congeniality. She takes a trip out to the desert for a night of stargazing and sees Saturn through a telescope. That night, Sherry has a dream that she and Metro tap dance on Saturn’s rings.

Marguerite, Lori, and Sherry reap the harvests of the vegetable garden and have a backyard BBQ and campout. Marguerite reads scary stories in the tent. Metro helps Sherry make a big decision which surprises everyone. Especially Sherry!

Recommended Age: 7-12

Ebook $3.99, Print $7.99

“I just read ALL of the Metro books. After “Metro Comes Home”, I found it impossible to stop. I couldn’t wait to read each new chapter. Thank you Susie Slanina for introducing us to your charming companions. Please write more. What about the cabin in Big Bear? Will Marguerite enjoy tent camping? My niece, Lusi loved the Metro books too. She wants to know whether Butterscotch EVER becomes friendly with Metro? Thanks for the adventure, and thank you for the message of happiness and puppy love.” –Sheila Johnson, Amazon customer

“I bought [my son] the Metro set of books hoping that he would like them, but not sure if they would be “boyish” enough. He finished all three in a week over the summer and LOVED them! Not only did he enjoy the books, but it also gave us great stuff to talk about. He wondered about the dog and was impressed that Metro was based on a real live dog. He then wondered about Sherry (the main human character) who was based on the book’s author and had all kinds of questions. I’m so grateful that positive and gentle books can be enjoyable to boys as well and can’t wait until more Metro books come out!” –bhansen, Amazon customer

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