Book 2 in the Metro the Little Dog Series

Metro, the little dog, had been adopted by Sherry over Easter weekend, and with each passing day they grew more and more fond of each other. Metro tries to make friends with Butterscotch, the beautiful cat, but Butterscotch is stuck-up and thinks Metro is just a crazy puppy. Sherry adopts Playmate, a good-natured kitten, so Metro can have an animal friend to play with.

Metro meets the glamorous Marguerite, Sherry’s best friend since kindergarten. The girls take Metro to Hollywood where she sings at an opera. Hilarity ensues and the crowd goes wild! Metro is a gracious starlet and gives her “Metrograph” to fans with a paw print on their Playbills. That night, at a famous Hollywood restaurant, she trills an Italian opera with a singing waiter! And much more!

Recommended Age: 7-12

Ebook $3.99, Print $7.99

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