Book 4 in the Metro the Little Dog Series

Two Metro The Little Dog Short Stories in one fun volume!!!

Metro’s Mountain Cabin

A little dog named Metro helps Sherry’s dream come true!

Sherry longs to have a little cabin in the California mountains to share with her dogs, Metro, Tawny, Gizzy, and her best friend, Marguerite. But where will a college student come up with that kind of money? She can’t buy a cabin for a song.

Hmm, but maybe someone else can!

Metro may have been a shelter puppy, but this little dog has amazing talents. She can ‘sing’ well enough to be featured in commercials for a Fat Cats product: Kool Kitty Shampoo! Metro, Sherry and their friends fly to Hawaii to film the ads.

And then, at long last, it’s off to the cozy cabin to enjoy winter in the mountains–complete with snow! Local wildlife, a winter storm, a meteor shower, and friendly neighbors are all part of the fun for Metro and the gang.

Join Metro in the gentle, humorous adventures of a little dog who brings magic with her wherever she goes.

Metro Loves London

A little dog named Metro brings her magic to help a lonely princess.

Sherry is shocked to receive a phone call with an urgent message from London. The royal princess Rosalind, has been sad for a few weeks. But she sees Metro’s singing commercial … and laughs! Her father commands that Metro be brought to her side. And her father is the King of England!

Soon Metro, Sherry and the gang are off across the Atlantic–by royal jet, no less.

Princess Rosalind is indeed cheered by Metro’s visit. She invites Sherry and Metro on a tour of London, with high tea, a ride on The London Eye, and more. And of course a big part of the adventure is staying in the royal palace.

But when it’s time for her guests to leave, Rosalind sinks once again into tears. Metro whimpers, and that one little whimper gives Sherry an idea for a solution–the same one that brought joy into her own life.

Find out what happens next in Metro’s latest adventure!

Recommended Age: 7-12

Ebook $3.99, Print $7.99

Metro Duets by Susie Slanina
Very happy to meet the author Susie, in person. Our 3 youngest granddaughters will be delighted to read all about Metro. I am buying them each copies of Metro Duets and all the other books for them to enjoy.
Gary JohnsonAmazon Customer
Our family loves Metro. The stories are sweet, simple, and endearing. My 11 year old son enjoys them as quick, easy reading to take his mind off of his stresses, and my four year old son just plain adores everything about Metro. The chapters are the perfect length for reading several before bedtime without losing his interest.
Metro's such a sweet character that our 4 year old has adopted Metro as his imaginary playpal doggy; he imagines Metro comes over often to stay the night, as long as Sherry allows her to, to help him not be afraid of the dark. She's a comfort to him even when we're apart~ Metro stays with me when we're apart, and he keeps Woof (his other imaginary dog) with him. Apparently Woof & Metro can communicate even when we're apart. 🙂
CrazyhouseAmazon Customer

Metro the Little Dog Series for Children

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