When Sherry decides she wants a puppy, she finds Metro, a tiny, engaging puppy at the local animal shelter. It’s love at first sight for both of them, and when Sherry takes Metro home and introduces the playful puppy to Butterscotch, Sherry’s long-time cat, the three become a family. Metro helps plant a veggie garden, takes a walk at midnight, and even goes ballroom dancing!

Metro Comes Home is the first in a series of beautifully illustrated children’s books about Metro’s fun-filled doggy adventures. These stories were written to honor the memory of a lovable little dog named Metro and all the wonderful dogs who grace our lives.

Recommended Age: 7-12

Ebook $3.99, Print $7.99

Metro Comes Home by Susie Slanina
The first time I purchased the book it was to support a writer of children's books. . . and then I started to read it and it grabbed my heart to the point that I had to buy additional copies to give as gifts to family and friends to share Metro's great adventures. The fact that each chapter was written to be inclusive for children's imaginations through the animal's eyes certainly struck a chord with my animal lover heartstrings. Humor and wit abounds on little paws leaving tell-tail grins where ever Metro and Sherrie meander. From then on I had to have the collection and look forward to more books from Susie Slanina. For generations to come, Metro will be a star hitched to the galaxy of young and old readers alike.
Jadia WardAmazon Customer
Susie Slanina has a writing style that is fresh and sparkly, with ways of interpreting her little dog's behavior that had the animal-lover in me saying ``I never thought about it quite like that, but that's it exactly!`` I would encourage all parents of young readers to offer this darling book to their children. In addition to helping children learn how precious our furry babies are, the story will very likely have a gentling effect on the heart and spirit of anyone who goes on this sweet journey with Metro and her forever mom.
KareyAmazon Customer

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