Mary Vine

Writing Romance with Humor, Suspense and Inspiration…
Writing Language-based Children’s Books that Educate, Inspire and Give Hope.

As a late bloomer, I started writing at age 36. With practice and encouragement, I started writing romantic fiction and became a member and officer of a writer’s group.

My story writing really took off when I discovered the pines, firs and rocky knolls of Northeast Oregon. My husband enjoyed panning for gold in the creeks, but I fell in love with the mining ghost towns and the history surrounding those areas. Three of my magazine articles based on ghost towns in Northeast Oregon, and the history of the Chinese miners who followed the white man to the mines, were published nationally. I’ve written books with gold mining or boom town settings, including a time travel series back to 1870 in Cracker Creek, which is now called Bourne, Oregon.

In 2007, Black Lyon Publishing published my first book and then three others. With help from other writers, I learned to self-publish the rest of my manuscripts and have since become a publisher, and a leader and speaker for the Idaho Creative Authors Network.

I graduated from college and taught speech and language classes to K-12 students. I loved teaching idioms, sayings, expressions and proverbs that are important for language deficient students to learn. My first children’s book deals with the phrase, THE BIG GUY UPSTAIRS.

My husband has Multiple Sclerosis and, over the last decade, we’ve seen firsthand that when unwelcome change comes along there is always something to be thankful for. I wanted people to know this, that there is hope in silver linings. My latest children’s book is called BIJU SILVER LINING.

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Cove Big Guy Upstairs, picture of a two story house

Big Guy Upstairs

Cover for Biju Silver Lining, picture of a mouse looking at sunshine

Bijou Silver Lining

Cover for A Nugget of Time, time travel romance by Mary Vine

A Nugget of Time

Cover for Goldbrick, a time travel book by Mary Vine


Cover for Summer Solstice, a time travel novella by Mary Vine

Summer Solstice

Cover for Wanting Moore by Mary Vine

Wanting Moore

COver for Dragon Gilby by Mary Vine, Illustrated by Kaylenne Dowling

Dragon Gilby