A time travel novella.

Emily Stone had prepared for a journey back in time since middle school, when she received a tintype photograph and a letter sent by a relative from the 1870s. Crawford Stone and Dixie Lea are to return to the past on the day of the summer solstice, and she will go, too.

To prove herself capable, she practiced the training discipline of parkour and the combat sport Muay Thai. Now totally self-efficient, she receives her master’s in education and can teach anywhere, especially in 1870. She has one year to live in the past. One year, until the next summer solstice comes around and she can return to the future.

In her one-room school house in 1870, Emily taught Elijah Brady’s two young sisters, left orphaned when their parents died. Elijah, a Civil War veteran and widower, has plenty to be sullen about and has no patience for a schoolmarm who teaches his sisters ultramodern ideas. Still, his interest in furthering his own education draws him to her.

Yet, Emily finds herself not so self-efficient in this era and needs help and direction for the first time in her life, before she heads back to the future.

Gold Club Series Book 3

Ebook $2.99, Print Book $6.95

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