Hope Sze Medical Mystery Book 2

Dr. Hope Sze solved her first murder case a week ago—and almost got strangled in the process. Now the newly notorious “detective doctor” just wants to pass her psychiatry rotation. No more Sherlock Holmes-ing for Hope. Ever.

Until her first psych patient says, “My daughter is dead. And somebody killed her.”

Eight years ago, someone ran over that daughter, a young doctor who asked too many questions.

Today, Hope enlists two secret weapons, both of them hot, brilliant, hard-headed males who don’t like to share. Then she starts to untangle this cold case.

Before the killer silences Hope, too.

Ebook $3.99, Print $16.99

Notorious D.O.C. by Melissa Yi
After reading Code Blues, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Notorious D.O.C. and I was not disappointed. This book is a real thriller and kept me focused right until the last page. The pace is quick, and the character development is excellent.
Anne ZoellerAmazon Customer
n her second outing, Dr. Hope Sze fights a losing battle with her twin lusts for sleuthing and men, driven by her concern for others to investigate the death of another young doctor who bears her a strong resemblance. An entertaining cast of secondary characters spices up both her detective work and her love life. An off-beat glance at the medical profession adds to the fun. A solid addition to this intriguing series.
Reading MachineAmazon Customer

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