Hope Sze Medical Mystery Book 3

Dead Man Drowning.

Magic? Dr. Hope Sze steers clear of magic.

But when “Elvis the Escape King” chains and nails himself inside a coffin in Montreal’s St. Lawrence River, he can’t break free.

Soon after Hope restarts his heart and saves his life, Elvis demands to know who sabotaged his stunt.

And so Hope plunges into her most unconventional and most terminal adventure yet. Where the magical art of escape and the dastardly art of crime vie for centre stage, and the better man may lose. Forever.

Ebook $3.99, Print $17.99

Terminally Ill by Melissa Yi
[cl-review quote=”In her third outing, Dr. Hope Sze treats patients, mysteries, and magic with a sure hand and an entertaining voice. The author’s deft characterization of the young resident made watching events unfold through the filter of Hope’s mind a delight for me. TERMINALLY ILL is a superb addition to this series.” author=”Reading Machine” occupation=”Amazon Customer” type=”quote” layout=”clean” quote_size=”12px” author_size=”12px” italic=”1″][cl-review quote=”Terminally Ill, my third Hope Sze novel (though I still dont know how to say her last name), show to me that Melissa Yi, is getting better as a writer. The novel kept me entertained the entire time, with no skimming, as I learned about the “real“ Canadian health care system (really, four days in a bed in the hallway awaiting a room?). I even learned some about magic and the art of escape artistry.” author=”Kindle Customer” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”clean”]

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