Hope Sze Medical Mystery Book 6

A Killer Flight With No Way Out

When Dr. Hope Sze flies to Los Angeles to reunite with her soul mate, John Tucker, she expects Botoxed blondes with Brazilian wax jobs, not terror at 35,000 feet in the air.

Yet on their way home, with 1,000 miles to go and nowhere to land, she and Dr. Tucker must strive to save one man’s life.

Hope and Tucker have no surgical equipment. No surgeon on board. And, as first year family medicine residents, almost no experience. But right this second, they’ll try anything.

Especially Hope, because minutes before she might have accidentally helped to kill the man sprawled at her feet.

“Tachycardia-inducing.” Dr. Anna-Maria Carvalho, MD, Emergency & Aviation Medicine

“Awesome. A real page-turner.” Dr. Ben Alkan, Trauma Surgeon

Ebook $3.99, Print $16.99

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Death Flight cover by Melissa Yi
I don’t think I have ever read a book so many times, and I am really excited to read it again! I love it. It kept me up all night. I had to tell the whole airline about it.
Anne ZoellerFlight Attendant
Wonderfully captures the tensions of managing crises, mingled with the wit, improvisation, and humour used to survive them. Great characters with personality quirks that many docs will recognize.``
Dr. Mark TothIntensive Care Unit Specialist

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