Diana McCollum

Diana enjoys weaving elements of paranormal and fantasy into her stories. She always ends with a Happily Ever After, because she must for her own satisfaction! Her hope is to take you away from your everyday life for a journey that is both entertaining and fun, and sometimes a little scary.


Her home, in beautiful Paradise, CA, on the edge of the Sierra Mountains, allows her a wide range of hobbies. When Diana is not reading or writing, she is a fisherwoman. She also enjoys gardening, hiking, coffee dates with other writers, taking classes to expand her writing abilities, and hanging out in book stores.


Diana’s inspiration for stories comes from movies, books, magazines and newspapers or Google search. She draws on real life subject matter and weaves it into her paranormal novels. When not absorbed in a book, or huddled over the keyboard writing, she enjoys knitting, acrylic painting, and trying out new recipes on her husband.

The Witch with the Trident Tattoo by Diana McCollum

Witch with the Trident Tattoo

The Gift of Christmas Anthology

The Gift of Christmas

Love & Magick by Judith Ashley, Diana McCollum, Sarah Raplee

Love & Magick

Cover for The Crystal Witch by Diana McCollum

The Crystal Witch

Gifts from the Heart Anthology

Gifts From The Heart

Cover image for Whispers 2023 Windtree Press Anthology. Edited by Paty Jager