Gifted witch Ella Stone, born with an affinity for water and the ability to talk to sea creatures, is on a mission. Ocean life is disappearing off the Atlantic Coast, and Poseidon needs her to find out why. She’ll do anything she can to find answers, even if that means hiring handsome, brooding sea captain Noah Drago to help.

Ella leads an isolated existence, keeping her secrets close. To the world at large she’s a scientist, but deep down she’s a lonely witch, wanting a deeper connection but afraid of reaching out. When Noah accidentally learns of her magick, she’ll have to trust him.

Noah has been a commercial fisherman all his life, except for five years as a Navy SEAL. He’s seen and done things that scarred him, so he keeps to himself. Ella hires him and his life changes as quickly as a storm at sea. The sexy scientist’s kisses turn Noah’s world upside-down. Soon, he’s plunging into a world of myth, magick and passion.

But will their growing connection-their love-be enough to save them from an encroaching evil bent on destroying all life as they know it?

Ebook $2.99, Print $9.99

The Witch with the Trident Tattoo by Diana McCollum
A great story about characters with little something extra. The Optus was a delight. I cannot wait for the next story from this author.
Louise PelziAmazon Customer
In the Witch and the Trident Tattoo, Diana McCollum builds a suspenseful and enchanting romance in a heartfelt, community-based story of redemption and awareness, as each character looks beyond the world they were raised in to see the Magick. McCollum’s fast-paced, humorous, romantic, and suspenseful story will keep you turning the pages.
Deb N.Amazon Customer

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