Shree Aier

Until recently, Shree has kept herself busy pursuing academic interests in science. She has two undergraduate degrees in business, psychology and biochemistry, and a Masters in materials science & engineering. She worked on research projects in psychology, biochemistry as well as cancer therapeutics using nanotechnology. Her published article is available via google scholar or click the link for direct access dendritic cells & carbon nanowires.

Shree is, and always will be a perpetual student, and takes joy in learning new things. She is an avid reader and shares her love of books with her mother, and late grandmother. Her Amma was a voracious reader despite being educated only till the 8th grade. Shree dedicates her books to her Amma and her mother.

Her love of food is intertwined with her love for travel. One of the best parts of traveling is experiencing cultures through their food. She experiments with new recipes which are sprinkled with new spices and techniques that she learns on her travels. She is slowly working toward a recipe book.

Shree is writing books to share her interest and awe of the world in its entirety – of animals, and plants, of invertebrates, of the living and the non-living. She also enjoys writing about relationships through light romance and fantastical worlds, as well as science -fiction.

Cover for Coesistence by Shree Aier. Features a large spaceship on an alient planet at sunset. A silhouette of a woman in a spacesuit is in the forefront.