Obsidian Rim Series Book 4, Pipettes and Plows Book 1

After a disastrous laboratory accident, exobotanist Dr. ShaylaRam Gomez is desperate to redeem herself in the eyes of the scientific community, and more importantly, her beloved father. But now, with her carefully nurtured study of new black bean seeds in tatters, Shayla is banished to a dishonorable tour of the Obsidian Rim worlds with the man responsible for destroying her reputation – the brawny farmer from some backwater planetoid, Dr. Rahim Xie.

The people who freed Rahim from a lifetime of slavery are struggling under crushing debt to the Earth’s Conservatory, and Rahim has vowed to save these destitute Prithvi and Rim farmers. He’ll even steal classified research on sustainable crops from his irascible mentor Grumpy Gomez. When he discovers that meticulous Shayla has a hidden maverick streak, Rahim is tempted to enlist her aid. He needs more than her secrets; he needs her and her brilliant mind to help his cause. But how can he ask Shayla to join a revolution that will pit her against her own father – a man known for his political ruthlessness?

Forced together with their dogbot and humanoid companions, they’ll travel to the edges of a decaying galaxy to fight the corporate greed that is slowly starving the worlds of the Rim. Are these scientists planting the seeds of their own destruction – or will their reluctant collaboration blossom into something beyond mere coexistence?

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“I just finished this book and experienced an epiphany – all this time I thought romance was the missing element in my life; turns out what I really just need is a dog bot. The characters of Drs. ShaylaRam Gomez and Rahim Xie are attractive, have a interesting push/pull and trust/distrust attraction to each other, and it is fun to watch them deal with the series of life threatening crises within the context of their burgeoning relationship. The science was interesting yet compliant with the existing laws as of nature, so it was easy to suspend disbelief and go along with the characters’ problem solving and courage. I thought the research regarding food and the existence of inequality, slavery and bias is especially apropos given recent events.”David NTLB

“The strength of this story is the author’s world-building that layered in science that everyone could understand and believe would make sense in this world. The main characters were well-developed and I was particularly fond of the robot dog Roofus.” J. Smith, Amazon Customer

Cover for Coesistence by Shree Aier. Features a large spaceship on an alient planet at sunset. A silhouette of a woman in a spacesuit is in the forefront.

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