Sarah Raplee

Sarah Raplee grew up in Northern California and on a tropical island. Sounds rough, doesn’t it? As a child, she wanted to be a mommy, a writer, an artist and a poet. An unfortunate lack of eye-hand coordination got artist booted from the list for good.

Sarah’s firefighter-cum-Coast Guardsman-cum-survival school instructor-cum-engineer husband is the inspiration for all her heroes. They reside in the Pacific Northwest with their amazing dog, Penny Lane, and The Cat Who Shall Not Be Named, who bosses her around.

Sarah writes because she can’t help it, and it’s more fun than most of the alternatives. Her current series features an FBI psychic agent and a blind wedding singer caught up in a case against the mob.

Sarah Raplee, author
Love & Magick by Judith Ashley, Diana McCollum, Sarah Raplee

Love & Magick

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