When I mention that I work in an emergency room, people usually say,
1. Are you a nurse?
2. Wow. That must be really hard.
3. What’s it like?

This is what it’s like to be an emergency doctor.

That teenager puking up two liters of vodka and his stomach lining at triage? Yup. Blood pouring out of a terrified pregnant woman? Call me. And, of course, the patient who no longer has a nosebleed screaming at me across the department, “YOU are the most UNFEELING DOCTOR I have EVER MET!” Fun fun fun.

Let me peel back the curtain for you. It’s not an iron curtain. In the emerg, it’s most likely a crummy fabric curtain that too many other people have sneezed on.

Come on in.

Chosen for the The Ultimate Reading List for Nurses.

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The Most Unfeeling Doctor in the World by Melissa Yuan-Innes, M.D.
I purchased this wonderful book on my Kindle at the end of a tour of China...Dr. Yuan-Innes included realistic stories about her relationships and challenges as an emergency room physician. She talked about endless hours of paperwork and care of medical problems with low acuity, punctuated by moments of stark terror. I am a retired doctor and enjoyed this reflection on my own experiences. I especially enjoy her comparison of modern western medicine with traditional Chinese healing. This is a quick read but packed with gems about the rewards and challenges of a dedicated young physician.
Lynn McCordRetired Physician
This is a great collection of essays in the vein of Montaigne--a personal reaction to the world, which leads to a reflection on larger issues. Yuan-Innes is funny, witty, dry, and compassionate. She's harder on herself than anyone, and the essays are by turns wry, reflective, and startlingly poignant. A window into the realities, joys, frustrations, and contradictions of Canadian medical training and practice.
Gregory L. SmithAmazon Customer

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