New True Noir Essays From the Emergency Room

New, blistering, darkly funny essays. Breaking bones. And fixing them. And the seamy underside of life in the emergency room, with its cornucopia of crazy cases, not just bone-centred ones. For example, the man who tried to eat his own thumb and the case of bleeding brains.

The most unfeeling doctor in the world sees everything. Sometimes, she enjoys it. When a friend asks about her last shift, she replies, “Good. I saved at least one life and possibly one set of genitals.”


  1. Broken Bones bears no authorized resemblance to any TV show.
  2. If the previous Unfeeling Doctor books were rated PG-13, Broken Bones gets slapped with a Restricted label. Medical noir. With cussing, selfishness, and jokes from the sewer.
  3. Don’t read it.

Ebook $3.99

Broken Bones by Melissa Yuan-Innes, M.D.

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